In this modern technological age of increasingly busy lives, we are all turning to the convenience of the internet to purchase more and more. You would think that the final (and, in my opinion, one of the most vital) link in the purchase, the actual delivery of the goods would be handled by the companies involved professionally and with the customers best interests in mind, and they probably do . .

The problem is that you and I, sitting at home waiting for our goodies to arrive are not the customer, the company that sent them to you is, and as long as they are collected promptly they’ve all done their bit, and thats that.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my postman doesn’t deliver to my house until at least 11:30am and sometimes later than 14:00pm and thats four days a week, that’s right, I’ve never had a letter or parcel delivered on a Tuesday or Thursday, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday only, so as I and my partner both work full time, unless it will fit in the letterbox and doesn’t require a signature, I get a card and have to collect from the ‘local’ depot.

Sometimes this is irrelevant anyway, as I’ve had a card for a parcel put through the door when i’ve been in the house, I don’t think the postmen actually even bother to bring them with them.

My ‘local’ depot is approximately 5 miles from my house, and involves driving through the middle of the town centre to get to. It’s only open between the hours of 07:00am and 13:00pm Monday to Saturday and is in the complete opposite direction to where I work, as I’m pretty busy in the mornings before work there is no way I can get there during the week. This means that if I ordered something on a Friday I might not be able to pick it up until a week Saturday.

Why on Earth can’t they at least open between, say, 15:30pm and 19:00pm instead, at least that would give us a fighting chance.

I just recently spoke to the postie that delivers to my office and he reckons that they are calling for Saturday deliveries to be scrapped as well, are they stark raving mad, how in the world are we supposed to get things delivered !