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People who leave things to the last minute, then push in.

I recently went to a large event with my Wife and Son, we left really early in the morning so as to make sure we were there in plenty of time, the gates opened at 09:00am and the main display started at about 14:00pm.

We arrived at just a little after 09:00am and enjoyed a pleasantly easy entry into the event, parked the car with ease, and had a lovely couple of hours strolling around the area, investigating the various attractions.

We decided to take a walk over to investigate the main arena at around 12:00 and found that already many people were picking their spot to sit and watch the show, so we also decided to settle down and wait, even though it meant a two hour wait.  It wasn’t so bad though as the people around us were all friendly and one of the nearby families had a Son of similar age to my Son and they seemed to get on and had a great time playing together.

The problem started when it got to around 5 minutes before the show started, by this time the area around us was pretty much packed, and there was not a lot of room for anyone else to get in, two ‘gentlemen’ decided that the best place for them to stand was directly in front of myself, my Wife and my Son, totally blocking our view.

Being Mr Angry, I made a comment, fully intending them to hear, hoping they would get the hint that there were a lot of people behind them that had waited a long time and now had to put up with a restricted view, and that they would move on. this was ignored, I made another stronger comment, then another. Eventually he acknowledged me, and made a comment along the lines of ‘take a few deep breaths and drop it’

Red rag to a bull i’m afraid, I totally lost it, and I believe it’s the closest i’ve come in a long time to actually beating the sh*t out of some one.

I’m not proud of the way things went, and the way I acted, but he did sit down and stayed sat down until the show finished, so I suppose I sort of got my point over.

I mean if you had queued up at a supermarket checkout for an hour and then just as you get to the end of the queue, some other person nips in front of you and expects you to just put up with it, you’d be annoyed too, yes ?

Anyway, maybe it shouldn’t have annoyed me so much, and I shouldn’t have let it spoil my day, but i’m just so fed up of trying to do things the right way, I try not to push in front of or inconvenience other people, and often I assume others will do the same to me, but they don’t.

Theres a tide of selfishness sweeping across the country, and all too often the inconvenienced remain silent so as not to cause a scene, well not me . . .

Two Words . . .

Gordon Brown . . .

TV Commentators

Less is more . . .   

That is my opinion, obviously though not the opinion of the overpaid controllers of our nations TV channels.

I am sick and tired of my license fee money being wasted on ‘Experts’ totally ruining every single event broadcast with their inane wittering over the top of the soundtrack. They’ve been paid to talk and by God are they going to, whether they have anything to say or not.

Many times I’ve shouted ‘Shut the F*** up’ at the screen as yet another dopey sod tells me what I am perfectly capable of seeing for myself.

The latest example that really annoyed me – The inauguration of the 44th President – if you didn’t see it, there was a section where four of the best musicians in the world played a specially commissioned piece arranged by Jon Williams, yet I couldn’t enjoy it as the commentators proceeded to tell me their life histories, and spoke over almost half of the segment, they almost carried on talking over the actual oath taking ceremony, I suspect they only shut up because they were faded out by someone in the control room.

The list goes on, major examples are –

The opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics
Eurovision (Thank heavens Terry Wogan has left)
The New Year fireworks
Any public event that’s broadcast on TV, basically.

 Did the millions of people lining the streets watching the fireworks, or the inauguration, or those in the stadium for the Olympic ceremonies need to have a BBC (or other) commentator telling what they were watching ?


On a side note you could argue that commentary is handy for the minority of ‘viewers’ that are visually impaired, I say they could listen to the commentary on radio and leave the majority of us to enjoy these events as they were intended, commentary free.

The Post Office . . .

In this modern technological age of increasingly busy lives, we are all turning to the convenience of the internet to purchase more and more. You would think that the final (and, in my opinion, one of the most vital) link in the purchase, the actual delivery of the goods would be handled by the companies involved professionally and with the customers best interests in mind, and they probably do . .

The problem is that you and I, sitting at home waiting for our goodies to arrive are not the customer, the company that sent them to you is, and as long as they are collected promptly they’ve all done their bit, and thats that.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my postman doesn’t deliver to my house until at least 11:30am and sometimes later than 14:00pm and thats four days a week, that’s right, I’ve never had a letter or parcel delivered on a Tuesday or Thursday, so Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday only, so as I and my partner both work full time, unless it will fit in the letterbox and doesn’t require a signature, I get a card and have to collect from the ‘local’ depot.

Sometimes this is irrelevant anyway, as I’ve had a card for a parcel put through the door when i’ve been in the house, I don’t think the postmen actually even bother to bring them with them.

My ‘local’ depot is approximately 5 miles from my house, and involves driving through the middle of the town centre to get to. It’s only open between the hours of 07:00am and 13:00pm Monday to Saturday and is in the complete opposite direction to where I work, as I’m pretty busy in the mornings before work there is no way I can get there during the week. This means that if I ordered something on a Friday I might not be able to pick it up until a week Saturday.

Why on Earth can’t they at least open between, say, 15:30pm and 19:00pm instead, at least that would give us a fighting chance.

I just recently spoke to the postie that delivers to my office and he reckons that they are calling for Saturday deliveries to be scrapped as well, are they stark raving mad, how in the world are we supposed to get things delivered !