Less is more . . .   

That is my opinion, obviously though not the opinion of the overpaid controllers of our nations TV channels.

I am sick and tired of my license fee money being wasted on ‘Experts’ totally ruining every single event broadcast with their inane wittering over the top of the soundtrack. They’ve been paid to talk and by God are they going to, whether they have anything to say or not.

Many times I’ve shouted ‘Shut the F*** up’ at the screen as yet another dopey sod tells me what I am perfectly capable of seeing for myself.

The latest example that really annoyed me – The inauguration of the 44th President – if you didn’t see it, there was a section where four of the best musicians in the world played a specially commissioned piece arranged by Jon Williams, yet I couldn’t enjoy it as the commentators proceeded to tell me their life histories, and spoke over almost half of the segment, they almost carried on talking over the actual oath taking ceremony, I suspect they only shut up because they were faded out by someone in the control room.

The list goes on, major examples are –

The opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics
Eurovision (Thank heavens Terry Wogan has left)
The New Year fireworks
Any public event that’s broadcast on TV, basically.

 Did the millions of people lining the streets watching the fireworks, or the inauguration, or those in the stadium for the Olympic ceremonies need to have a BBC (or other) commentator telling what they were watching ?


On a side note you could argue that commentary is handy for the minority of ‘viewers’ that are visually impaired, I say they could listen to the commentary on radio and leave the majority of us to enjoy these events as they were intended, commentary free.